Contact Solutions Releases Self Service Customer Care Solution for Prepaid Industry

Cloud-based customer self-service solutions provider Contact Solutions has launched a customer care solution designed specifically for the prepaid industry that includes fraud prevention, regulatory compliance, mobile options and a more personalized IVR customer experience that reduces expenses and curbs churn.

A provider of self service solutions to the prepaid industry since 2004, Contact Solutions processes more than 70 million prepaid interactions per month for 20 million cards. Contact Solutions has developed an expanded customer care solution that addresses the specific challenges the prepaid industry is facing now, and into the future.

Features of the prepaid solution include:

·     Fraud Prevention and Detection Tools: Reduces fraud through a series of real-time services, and is compliant with all related provisions in the Durbin Amendment, Patriot ACT and Regulation E. 
·     Personalization: Patented technology dynamically adapts to individual caller behavior and preferences. 
·     Mobile Customer Care: Self-service options extend to mobile devices to enable multimodal customer service communications. 
·     Customer Profitability Improvements: Simultaneously increases customer loyalty and reduces churn. 
·     Cost Savings Guarantee: Cost savings are guaranteed for every prepaid client.