Confirmit, Language Connect Release Multilingual Voice of the Customer Solution

Voice of the customer solutions provider Confirmit has partnered with global translation services provider Language Connect to develop an integrated solution that saves up to 90 percent of the cost and time involved in coordinating the translation of multi-lingual voice of the customer (VoC) and market research (MR) programs.

The dedicated translation solution, Connect Survey, has been developed to answer the increasing pressures that corporations and MR agencies are under to get feedback programs to market more quickly, in multiple languages and across multiple geographies.

Connect Survey uses an API to integrate the Confirmit Horizons multichannel feedback technology with Language Connect’s translation management system. It is now available to clients of both companies who currently use Confirmit Horizons. Having been trialed by a number of mutual customers, early use of the translation solution has shown the opportunity to reduce the time it takes to deliver a multilingual program by 90 percent.

“There is a rapidly growing trend to carry out research and feedback programs that span multiple markets. Five years ago, the average number of markets covered by a single program was three: this has doubled and is continuing to rise,” said Ben Taylor, managing director at Language Connect, in a statement. “To date, multi-country programs have involved lots of manual back-and-forth translation processes, adding significant costs and hampering speed to market. With Connect Survey, clients can get all their surveys and feedback translated far more quickly to ensure their programs are delivered to the field as rapidly and cost-effectively as possible.”