Conduit Global Launches CX100 Cloud Contact Center Suite

Conduit Global, a provider of cloud contact center-as-a-service (CCaaS) solutions and business process outsourcing (BPO), today launched the CX100 Cloud Contact Center Suite.

The CX100 cloud contact center solution scales from small contact centers to large, complex operations. It leverages contact center technologies from Avaya and Bright Pattern, as well as emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, automation, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Its pre-built integrations mesh seamlessly with CRM systems, data analytics tools, and AI bots. Web services and RESTful APIs offer integration for off-the-shelf applications or custom apps. Automated self-service workflows using the conversational, speech-enabled cloud interactive voice response and proactive outbound capabilities enable customers to extend the contact center functionality. CX100 Analytics gives a detailed, real-time, historical 360-degree view of the entire customer journey irrespective of channels, with actionable intelligence.

"CX100 has been built with security-by-design principles and with strict controls," said Stuart Knight, senior vice president of technology services at Conduit Global, in a statement. "All data and requests can be encrypted, with organization data rigorously authenticated and separated. We're truly excited to bring this industry-leading, omnichannel cloud contact center solution with air-tight security to new and current Conduit Global customers."