CommunityWFM Enhances Contact Center Workforce Management

CommunityWFM, a provider of contact center workforce management (WFM) software, has has updated its Essentials and Enterprise offerings with three language variations and expanded scheduling automation.

With the new international language capabilities, CommunityWFM now supports English, Canadian French, Mexican Spanish, or Brazilian Portuguese.

Another component of the update is the new agent self service kiosk (ASSK), which offers more schedule adjustment flexibility in a gig economy. Companies can place flexible and unstructured events, such as compliance tasks or special training, into the overall schedules of agents. Once an event exists, each agent can choose when to complete the item assigned. The time selected by the agent is automatically approved or denied in seconds .

Two data privacy and security options were also added. They include a way to fully anonymize agent data to meet the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards. Agents can request and obtain all the information about them that is stored within the CommunityWFM solution and request the information to be anonymized and removed when they leave the company. The second addition is a historical change audit log that details the administrative user actions being configured and by whom.

Additional features in the product update include a view for schedule adherence reporting. This allows for a direct comparison of two or more adherence data sources with an option to export the information for further analysis. Companies can further streamline single-sign-on, change calculation options, toggle agent state labels in the adherence view, and highlight specific events, such as breaks or overtime, when viewing agent schedules.

"Our most recent update is the latest step in our continuing journey of providing customers with a premier contact center WFM solution," said Daryl Gonos, CEO of CommunityWFM, in a statement. "Adding the new language options will be a key component of our international expansion. In addition, being able to provide impressive scheduling automation and important security solutions will only continue to further solidify CommunityWFM as one of the leading workforce management technologies in the industry."