Comm100 Launches Chatbot

Comm100 Network has recently launched a chatbot feature that allows businesses to cut their reliance on human live chat agents and automate basic customer queries.

"As customer service is becoming a competitive differentiator for many large enterprises, we have seen an increase in demand for specialist chat features which cannot be supplied through traditional live chat or messaging software," said Comm100 CEO Kevin Gao in a statement. "Adding a chatbot allows companies to resource more smartly, letting chatbot handle common customer queries while potentially smaller human teams deal with only complex enquiries."

Comm100's chatbot includes the following:

  • Customization options that allow users to choose the chatbot's name, avatar, and greeting messages and whether chatbot takes a percentage of chats or queued chats only;
  • Question Bank that allows users to set up chatbot responses with a personalized question bank and add related questions and synonyms for industry-specific language;
  • Visitor Ratings that allow customers to rate the helpfulness of chatbot answers given;
  • Chatbot/Agent Switch, allowing users to choose whether to have an agent chat option permanently available or only available in certain circumstances;
  • Chatbot Learning, allowing users to review helpful/unhelpful answers, answer confidence, and all questions handled by chatbot; and
  • Reporting, providing access to both real-time and banked statistics on chatbot chat rates and effectiveness.

This new chatbot feature is an addition to a rapidly-expanding list of advanced live chat features and functionality available to Comm100 clients, which now also includes audio and video chat. Comm100's Audio & Video chat feature, which was launched in May, includes the following:

  • Audio-only or Audio & Video chat, and the ability to switch seamlessly between text-based chat and Audio & Video Chat, or use both features at the same time;
  • Initiate from Agent or Visitor Side – Either party can start or end chats
  • Customer Segmentation – Define which customers will be offered Audio & Video chat functionality.

"Technology is transforming customer service, and companies need to be informed about the impact of these changes on their existing customer service strategy," Gao said. "While we know that live chat is a preferred channel of communication for a majority of customers, we want to offer our clients even more ways they can continue to improve their existing live chat service. As the Comm100 product continues to expand and evolve in the face of technological change, we are excited to be launching features which will rewrite the definition of what live chat software is capable of."