CogniCor Joins NICE inContact DEVone Developer Program

NICE inContact has added CogniCor Technologies to the DEVone developer program and has products available on CXexchange, NICE's customer experience marketplace.

CogniCor's artificial intelligence (AI)-powered, fully automated response agents and chatbots will also be available to users of NICE inContact CXone, a cloud customer experience platform offering omnichannel routing, workforce optimization, analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence.

NICE inContact customers looking to automate customer inquiries with new chatbot technology will benefit from CogniCor's patented cognitive deep learning platform for virtual assistant, which features the following:

  • An automated platform that deeply engages with customers, understanding their queries, the full intent of their questions as well as the context of the inquiry, to respond quickly with personalized, relevant answers; and
  • An engagement platform that is available 24 x 7 to customers, answering queries related to all products and services, receiving and resolving user complaints, and helping users purchase products and services through a conversational channel as if they are talking to a customer care agent.

"CogniCor is excited for this partnership with NICE and inContact and being part of CXexchange," said Sindhu Joseph, CEO of CogniCor, in a statement. "Our technology now integrated with CXone helps customers with automated relevant responses and 24x7 engagement. Our proven AI platform, deployed by several leading brands and built on our proprietary patent-pending cognitive deep learning stack, is a genuine differentiator in the market. This partnership significantly enlarges our horizon in North America and Europe by supporting NICE inContact clients throughout their customer support and engagement journey."

"Having an innovative product and partner in CogniCor enhances CXone, and therefore our customers' contact center operations," said Paul Jarman, CEO of inContact, in a statement. "Providing opportunities for and efficiency gains on one platform makes a seamless experience for our users. We welcome CogniCor as part of the CXexchange marketplace."

DEVone offers partners broad tools and resources to enable them to create new applications on CXone including extensive documentation and support, and access to an online developer community. CXexchange is a centralized, state-of-the-art marketplace for developers to market and sell their CXone-based applications.