Cogito Introduces Real-Time Supervisor Alerts and Generative AI

Cogito, a provider of real-time coaching and guidance solutions, has launched Real-Time Alerts for Supervisors and Quality Managers and a personalized call summary for agents powered by generative artificial intelligence.

Generative AI combined with Cogito's Emotion AI-powered coaching, will generate Agent Smart Summaries, featuring personalized insights available after every customer interaction to provide agents with tools to clarify customer intent and how the call was resolved.

Real-Time alerts for Supervisors and Quality Managers focus on operational inefficiencies in the contact center. Supervisors are alerted to agents experiencing either a lower or higher employee experience (EX) or customer experience (CX) than normal, so supervisors can effectively assist agents dealing with frustrating calls and recognize those who exhibit resilience and quick recovery. New alert topics help track key drivers of quality (e.g. slower system, wrong call routed, or lack of training) to provide real-time guidance for managers to address operational issues that can slow production in the contact center, ultimately improving operational experience (OX).

"It's time to take action and start improving quality upstream with guidance that helps agents avoid the pitfalls of a poor experience," said Joshua Feast, CEO of Cogito, in a statement. "These new features are set to redefine contact center management by empowering supervisors to make real-time, data-driven decisions and enabling them to identify the gaps and key process improvements to drive better outcomes for both agents and customers."