Clinc Integrates with Amazon Connect

Clinc, providers of a conversational artificial intelligence platform, has integrated its technology with Amazon Connect, allowing contact centers running Amazon Connect to deploy Clinc's voice AI solution. The Clinc AI platform is also hosted in the Amazon Web Services cloud.

Clinc's conversational AI platform uses natural language processing, machine learning, and deep neural networks to emulate human intelligence. It can extract context and intent from natural speech, in any language, and analyze dozens of factors, like speech patterns, word structure, and sentiment, to understand, remember and respond to unconstrained, contextual language. Clinc’s AI allows for follow up questions and draws from each new experience to automatically learn and expand its knowledge.

"This collaboration opens up a brand new channel for our customers to scalably deploy Clinc's conversational AI experiences," said Jason Mars, Clinc's CEO, in a statement. "We are thrilled to team up with AWS on our mission to democratize conversational AI technology by allowing enterprises and financial institutions to quickly design and deploy next-generation experiences for their customers. We've made it incredibly simple to leverage our best-in-class platform, and now these experiences can be deployed in the call center with a level of speed, ease, and simplicity that hasn't existed before."