Clarabridge Announces Global Rebranding Initiative

Customer Experience Management solutions provider Clarabridge is rebranding its corporate image which includes the launch of a new corporate logo, Web site and the company's signature products.

Clarabridge's CEM solution has been rebranded as a four-pronged solution to make it easier for businesses to implement enterprise-wide, intelligent Customer Experience Management strategies:

  • Clarabridge Analyze is an interactive and dynamic environment in which the Clarabridge business user can explore, analyze, visualize, and run reports on the customer feedback data.
  • Clarabridge Collaborate is a social environment that is powered by content-driven alerts and fosters internal discussion and collaboration around key insights with stakeholders across the entire business in real-time regardless of geographic location.
  • Clarabridge Engage is a scalable content-driven CEM solution designed to intelligently capture, route, and respond to feedback in real-time, allowing companies and their customers to forge bilateral relationships.
  • The Clarabridge Platform is the technical infrastructure that powers the entire Clarabridge solution, including the company's patented Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine and sophisticated 11-point sentiment scale.

"Intelligent Customer Experience reflects a shift away from our earlier branding as a provider of ‘text and sentiment analytics,' said Sid Banerjee, CEO, Clarabridge, in a statement. "There's still very advanced text and sentiment analytics in our products but the expanded branding allows us to better convey all the intelligence embedded in our platform, and reinforces that our products are for all kinds of customer experience uses."