Cirrus Unveils Salesforce CRM Integration for iPhone Inbox

Cirrus Insight Mobile, the app that brings customer relationship management into the iPhone inbox, has announced one-click CRM integration. Now, when users click to open a customer record in Cirrus Insight Mobile, they are taken directly to the Salesforce1 app.

Cirrus Insight Mobile is the only iPhone inbox that integrates with Salesforce1. For companies that don’t have S1 installed, Cirrus Insight Mobile will open customer records in the browser version of Salesforce in Safari.

Features of Cirrus Insight Mobile include:

  • See customer context in the iPhone inbox.
  • See who opens your emails with real-time notifications.
  • Save emails to Salesforce.
  • Create new leads, contacts & accounts.
  • Set task reminders to follow up.
  • Schedule meetings and events.
  • Log calls to Salesforce.
  • Create and update opportunities and cases.