Cicero Partners with NCS Technologies to Provide Contact Center and Back Office Solutions

Cicero, a provider of activity intelligence and improvement software for the back office and contact center, and NCS Technologies, a provider of customer touch point solutions, announced a new partnership to deliver analytics and automation solutions in contact centers and the back office.

Under the new partnership, NCS Technologies will use Cicero software to identify process issues and automate tasks at the employee desktop.

NCS will be able to create new contact center and back office solutions to:

  • Monitor for potential business rule, compliance and fraud;
  • Pinpoint repetitive and manual tasks that could be automated;
  • Supply data to third-party applications such as BI, BPM, and WFM;
  • Improve application usage and better focus/leverage IT investments;
  • Deliver single sign-on and stay signed-on;
  • Search databases such as Customer, Knowledge Base, etc.;
  • Eliminate cut and copy and paste.

"Desktop discovery and automation is a critical component of our Customer Experience (CX) service offering, often being the pivotal component that cost justifies our engagements. After reviewing and implementing other Desktop Automation products, we found Cicero to have significant advantages both in the feature package as well as system performance" said Doug Sabo, senior vice president, NCS Technologies, in a statement. "Of key importance is the ability of the application to process transactions quickly and efficiently under heavy workloads; the Cicero application suite has been successfully deployed in environments where the workload was substantial, if not excessive without a negative impact on performance.”