ChurnZero Integrates with Zendesk Support

ChurnZero, providers of a real-time customer success platform, has integrated with Zendesk Support, allowing customer support teams to access key customer insights from the ChurnZero platform within Zendesk, while viewing an issue.

"In the customer success industry, it's all about delivering value to the customer," said Abby Hammer, ChurnZero's chief customer officer, in a statement. "With this integration, users will be able to see the full picture of all customer engagements, which will help you to deliver the best possible experience across all of your customer touchpoints."

Using ChurnZero for Zendesk Support will do the following

  • Give support teams easy access to customer data, such as customer health, renewal information, and more, while working on an issue;
  • Provide customer support teams with key user data, such as role, title, product usage, and more; and
  • Empower support teams to provide more personalized customer experiences and improve resolution times.

ChurnZero is now available in the Zendesk Marketplace.