China Mobile Jiangsu Deploys Nuance and Huawei’s NLU IVR System

Nuance announced that China Mobile Jiangsu Branch has leveraged Nuance’s speech and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology to improve the phone experience for callers in need of service or support.

Together with partner Huawei, Nuance has created a more natural and intuitive customer experience for China Mobile Jiangsu Branch, replacing their phone menu trees with a conversational speech interface that saves customers time and increases call routing accuracy. Whatever their request, Jiangsu Mobile customers can simply speak naturally to receive fast and convenient assistance.

The newly-launched NLU IVR call steering system – the first of its kind in China – offers people the opportunity to get what they need quickly when they contact China Mobile Jiangsu Branch over the phone. Previously, Jiangsu callers endured a series of phone menus with lengthy and sometimes confusing prompts.

With the new service, callers are presented an easily answered IVR prompt, such as, “Please tell me the reason for your call,” to which they can respond using their own words, such as, “I want to add roaming service.” The system quickly recognizes the caller’s intent and the request is immediately fulfilled through automated phone self-service or, if appropriate, routed to the best available call center agent. The result is faster assistance, more accurate call routing, and an improved customer experience.

Since its launch in early April, the new system has boasted an accuracy and routing rate nearing 85 percent. The IVR platform is provided by Huawei while Nuance provides the speech and NLU Call Steering as well as professional services. China Mobile Jiangsu Branch plans to further expand the number of users in the coming months.

“Customers today are busy and always on-the-go, and they want their questions resolved as quickly and easily as possible,” said Robert Weideman, executive vice president and general manager,  Enterprise division, Nuance, in a statement. “By deploying natural language understanding Call Steering in the call center, China Mobile Jiangsu Branch is positioning themselves above the competition and significantly improving the customer experience through allowing a fast, seamless, and convenient interaction.”