Channel Mark Ventures to Launch Inteladesk Help Desk Management

Channel Mark Ventures will be launching Inteladesk, its customer help desk management solution powered by artificial intelligence, through its technology development and sales company CenturySoft.

"Inteladesk's AI-based engagement solution is the ideal complement to our insight-driven approach of sales acceleration for our clients at their specific domain level," said Dan O'Shea, CEO of Channel Mark Ventures, in a statement. "Inteladesk essentially drives a personalized sales experience. Inteladesk helps companies perfect their knowledge base by explaining misstep queries or missed opportunities to improve FAQs. Combined with the technology, Inteladesk users will have the ability to reduce incoming customer service emails and calls. With Inteladesk at work, new processes will emerge as the technology helps companies introduce new service-enriching CRM processes not previously possible or financially feasible. In turn, employees can take on higher-level roles to formulate new ways to enrich customer service."

Inteladesk will be powered by Cognitive Code's SILVIA Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology through an exclusive licensing and sales development deal. SILVIA is a platform used for intelligent applications to almost any computing platform or operating system.

"Inteladesk is poised to transform how artificial intelligence is going to be applied in e-commerce and the lead capture process. It will change traditional website navigation to semantic (voice vs. typing), and will change the overall traditional sales and customer service experience," said Khalid Rizwan, CEO of CenturySoft, in a statement."Because our AI-driven virtual sales assistant is able to conduct natural two-way online conversations with leads, we expect to see a significant increase in Web site visitor engagement rates. Each site visitor will be met by a client's own branded virtual agent persona and bring the engagement process to life by allowing a Web site's visitors to ask questions that are met by a human-like response and emotion."