Cegedim Releases Revamped CRM Multichannel Engagement Program for Life Sciences

Cegedim has rolled out its latest release of its Life Sciences-specific Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, Mobile Intelligence, which features a single platform that brings multichannel solutions together.

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve and increase in complexity considering multiple stakeholders, more specialized markets, increasing regulation and budgetary restrictions, Life Sciences customer-facing organizations seek a more efficient way to collaborate that adds value and respects compliance. The need for multichannel customer engagement becomes imperative to maintain effective customer relationships. Mobile Intelligence, a solution that fits multiple situations, offers Life Sciences companies the capability to coordinate the execution of a multichannel strategy that differentiates them from competitors, and helps them reach better outcomes.

Mobile Intelligence blasts the boundaries of traditional CRM, as companies know it, because it enables multichannel to become actionable by providing the widest range of channels from a single platform of engagement. In addition to the channels existing in previous releases of Mobile Intelligence, including face-to-face, sampling, closed loop marketing (CLM), meetings, congresses and contact center, Mobile Intelligence now supports fast-growing channels.

Features include:

  • Remote interactions capabilities - online and through the iPad.
  • Secured Messaging - compliant e-mails for field and customer facing teams.
  • Enhanced CLM to provide further flexibility to field users.
  • Social CRM enablement, including customer centric collaboration. leveraging Yammer and Lync integration.
  • Paperless event management.

“Mobile Intelligence 10 offers the widest and unmatched set of channels natively integrated with multi-stakeholder data and insights,” said Laurent Labrune, CEO, Cegedim Relationship Management, in a statement. “This enables each customer-facing team to collaborate to execute their multichannel engagement strategy, using cross functional mobile solutions adapted to their needs. In so doing, they maintain their presence and access to target populations, despite budgetary restrictions, engaging customers in an efficient and compliant way.”

The Cegedim CRM solution helps Life Sciences companies transition from the traditional face-to-face customer engagement strategy, to an orchestrated multichannel engagement program which identifies customers across multiple communication channels; ensures a coherent message across channels; and finds the right channel mix adapted to each customer.

Other key enhancements to Mobile Intelligence include: offline coaching capabilities for district managers; mobile order entry for retail support; and direct access to Cegedim’s OneKey healthcare professional (HCP)/healthcare organization (HCO) database, with new embedded analytic capabilities.