Carrier iQ Launches Mobile Intelligence Solutions for Customer Care and CEM

Carrier iQ has announced the latest release of iQ Care, its expert system for call centers, designed to improve customer satisfaction and reduce support costs for mobile operators. iQ Care version 9 has repackaged and enhanced iQ Care with three significant subsets of new functionality.

  • iQ Care Call Center: An expert system for use by customer support representatives that harnesses the power of device-sourced analytics to detect and diagnose network, device, and application problems. Using technologies such as machine-learning, predictive analytics, rules engines, and data mining, iQ Care Call Center reduces handling time on support calls, confirms problems experienced by customers, reduces escalation and no-fault-found returns, and improves customer satisfaction.
  • iQ Care Mobile: Leverages the same intelligence from iQ Care Call Center and enables customers to support themselves with individualized and actionable recommendations. Embedded inside self-service applications from mobile operators, iQ Care Mobile helps operators avoid support calls related to device, network, and application issues by providing instant, personalized resolutions to technical problems while enabling operators to deliver a coherent brand experience.
  • iQ Care Proactive: Applies expert system intelligence to proactively diagnose device, network, and application issues across entire populations of customers without waiting for customers to complain. It examines the performance of each mobile device to detect and fix problems before they affect customers, providing experiential insight into the silent majority of customers who do not complain.

Many organizations have a goal to improve the user experience of their mobile customers. Few, however, have a precise way to measure the actual user experience, over time, across locations, and networks. At this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Carrier iQ will demonstrate its Mobile User Experience Score (MUES), designed to provide an accurate measurement of how actual customers in the field experience mobile performance.

Powered by device-sourced analytics, MUES measures the true mobile experience without relying on inferred network traffic or samples from probes. MUES allows mobile operators and device manufacturers to quantify the user's voice, data, coverage, and battery experiences, among other things, and to deliver better products and services to consumers.