Carenet Healthcare Taps KANA to Further Customer Engagement Across Channels

KANA announced that Carenet Healthcare Services is implementing KANA Enterprise, adding omnichannel agent, knowledge management and case management capabilities to support member care. Carenet delivers personalized care management and engagement solutions for commercial health plans, hospital systems, employer groups, the U.S. Military, Medicare and Medicaid.

Using data, clinical expertise and customer engagement strategies, Carenet team members personally interact with their clients’ members to motivate them to take a more active role in their healthcare, ultimately lowering the cost and improving the quality of healthcare.

After selecting KANA Enterprise in the first half of the year, the Carenet team will have a 360-degree view of members across channels and deeper insight to enable them to deliver richer, more personalized and relevant member service. As a result, the company will be positioned to radically change the member experience and build brand loyalty for its clients.

“Health plans want to build new relationships with their members,” says John Erwin, CEO, Carenet, in a statement. “KANA technology will provide the omnichannel capabilities we need to communicate more effectively, keep members engaged and help simplify their healthcare experience.”

Carenet also anticipates KANA Enterprise will help build stronger relationships by making it possible for a team member to serve as a single resource to support all of a member’s healthcare needs. The company cites KANA Enterprise’s ability to support multiple business lines and integrate with third-party applications as reasons for its selection.