Callision Launches Contact Center as a Service

Callision, a provider of browser-based contact center solutions, has launched Callision Core, which provides enterprise-grade unified communications and contact center technology free of charge for up to five users, and a contact center as a service offering.

"From now on, smaller businesses no longer have to sign up for an array of expensive solutions just to operate their telephony on a professional level. Whether they need an interactive voice menu to greet their callers, a queue to distribute calls among team members, a conference bridge for meetings, or even comprehensive schedule-based forwarding to enhance coverage, with Callision, they get all of that for free," said Joseph O'Donnell, head of global opportunities at Callision, in a statement. "As with any other flavor of Callision, businesses have access to real-time monitoring and interactive call and status dashboards that provide full organisational visibility, a must in the times when workforce optimization is a requirement to stay competitive."

The second launch enables businesses to use Callision with their existing SIP providers. VOIP providers can now bundle their offerings with Callision, tethering their capabilities to contact center functionality, such as intelligent routing, dynamic callerID, and Zendesk integrations, and Big Data analytics

"Instead of trying to compete in the crowded SIP trunking space, we work with carriers and list them on our marketplace. Customers can pick preferred vendors or use their existing SIP providers for national and international calls and phone numbers, making migrations to Callision a breeze. At the same time, we are helping carriers get new customers," stated Jay Jideliov, founder and CEO of Callision, in a statement.