CallTrackingMetrics Releases Custom Fields

CallTrackingMetrics, a provider of call tracking software, has released Custom Fields, allowing users to add fields critical to their businesses into routing, reporting and Salesforce integration flows.

With this new feature, users can add custom fields to capture specific information about the caller and have it visible in the Call Log. Custom Fields canalso be used to route calls when used with CallTrackingMetrics' Smart Routing feature.

"These fields give businesses the ability to customize data collection and routing patterns. Imagine being able to route all callers by account ID, account name, or service plan to specific queues of people in your organization or direct them to specific IVR menus tailored to their account. Callers immediately feel like they have gotten to the right place without hassle," said Todd Fisher, CEO of CallTrackingMetrics, in a statement.

Additionally, Custom Fields can be mapped directly to fields inside of CRM, ensuring a seamless flow of data and rules between the two systems.