CallTrackingMetrics Debuts Keyword Spotting for Phone Calls

CallTrackingMetrics has released a new service which analyzes keywords in conversations and provides instant categorization of calls. The solution allows companies to evaluate sales and support calls while automatically adding conversions and ratings for calls based on what keywords are found.

The CallTrackingMetrics keyword spotting service analyzes the call as soon as it is completed and notices words typically associated with an unhappy customer call. The system then triggers immediate actions such as sending an email to the sales manager and categorize the call in a certain way for performance reporting.

Many CallTrackingMetrics customers will be combining keyword spotting with the ability to match callers with specific advertisements. The combination allows businesses to know the path a customer took to find them as soon as they answer the call and then quickly assess the quality and outcome of the call without listening to a single audio recording. The various integrations that CallTrackingMetrics offers with services like Google Adwords, Salesforce, Optimizely, HubSpot and Marin allow advertisers to make informed adjustments to their advertising investments based on call performance data.

“Keyword spotting has been a long time coming,” said Todd Fisher, CTO, CallTrackingMetrics, in a statement. “It’s an evolving science and one we have been excited to make available as part of our software. After months of developing reliable speech to text systems in-house and partnering with experts in this field, we are now able to securely and reliably provide customers with the call analysis they need to see actionable reporting on their phone calls.