CallMiner’s Updated Eureka Speech Analytics Includes Semantic Building Blocks

CallMiner, a provider of speech and voice of the customer analytics solutions for contact centers, has unveiled its latest release of its speech analytics product, Eureka. The newest version includes several enhancements designed to streamline the analytics process, including Semantic Building Blocks, a new functionality that allows contact centers to more rapidly identify calls and customer contacts that contain specific behaviors or conversational flow, through the reuse of previously defined language searches or analytical queries.

With Semantic Building Blocks, CallMiner is further simplifying the contact analytics process by allowing analysts to leverage categories (previously defined queries that automatically tag calls containing certain topics) as building blocks in the creation of subsequent searches or categories. The new functionality permits analysts to use all of the same powerful search logic currently supported in Eureka, to stitch together sophisticated conversational flow analysis without the complexity of coding lengthy queries.

With Semantic Building Blocks, the following types of conversational analysis become significantly easier to achieve, improving an organization’s ability to measure agent performance and extract key business intelligence from customer interactions

  • Identifying timely or undesired agent behavior within any location of call – agents who are putting customers on hold within the first 30 seconds to finish wrap up notes from the previous call
  • Trending sentiment – calls that begin negative but end on a positive note
  • Correlating topics – customer sentiment or competitor mentions, near product, service or promotion references
  • Measuring sequence of events – compliance statements that must occur within a specified order (mini-Miranda after right party contact), sales procedures that drive revenue (gold plan offer before silver), and service best practices that improve the customer experience (empathy after expressions of dissatisfaction)

“The number one request from our customers, by far, was the addition of Semantic Building Blocks” said Erik Strand, vice president of product, CallMiner, in a statement. “Since we’re in the business of helping companies listen to their customers, it only makes sense that we listen to ours. One of the most exciting parts of this new feature is that it supports a ‘build once, use multiple’ paradigm, removing a lot of repetitive work from the equation, which makes the analytics process much quicker and easier.”

Semantic Building Blocks will also support CallMiner’s recently unveiled results assurance program, CallMiner RPM, designed to help customers achieve quick wins and targeted returns with speech analytics.