CallMiner Partners with PTP

CallMiner, a provider of speech and customer engagement analytics, has partnered with PTP, a customer experience (CX) consulting firm for contact centers, offering services like customer journey mapping, process optimization, and technology innovation.

Through the partnership, PTP will provide CallMiner's Eureka speech analytics products to its clients.

"Our business exists to improve our clients’ operations and deploy technologies across all channels to deliver the optimal customer experience," said PTP's president, John Podlipnik, in a statement. "We offer CX strategy, implementation, and support services and are always looking for the right technology partners such as CallMiner that offer tremendous value for our clients. By leveraging CallMiner's speech analytics, we'll provide contact centers with an entirely new layer of intelligence that reflects every customer interaction. They'll uncover how their agents' phrasing and tone improves customer satisfaction and retention, directly increasing revenue."

CallMiner's Eureka platform enables contact centers to capture 100 percent of interactions that agents have with customers and then turns them into searchable text. In addition to providing data on customer preferences, Eureka provides sentiment analysis to better understand how customers feel about products, promotions, and brands. The platform analyzes sentiment based on the language used in conversations as well as the tone, amount of stress in the voice, and the rate and volume of speech.

"We're thrilled to partner with PTP to provide their clients with meaningful data on how to improve call center metrics," said CallMiner CEO Paul Bernard in a statement. "They're focused squarely on the customer experience as a whole and desired a customer-focused platform that would transform call center operations. We look for partners, like PTP, that want to help organizations take action on the insight extracted through speech analytics, and we value their contribution toward broader adoption of our technology."