CallMiner Announces Eureka Starter Edition

CallMiner, a provider of speech and customer engagement analytics, today launched Eureka StarterEdition, a full speech transcription and rich search and discovery tool designed for smaller contact centers or larger organizations looking to gain insight into their customer interactions without a dedicated analyst.

Eureka Starter transforms each call into a searchable text transcript with embedded links directly to the relevant call audio. A rich playback interface allows contact center managers or other call reviewers to navigate the call to aid in quality or for other auditing purposes. Users can tag calls, lists of calls, or specific sections of transcripts for future recall and review. Insights are revealed though TopicMiner, which automatically identifies topics of conversation in graphical tag clouds for any set of calls retrieved through search.

Eureka Starter cloud-based analytics can be used to address issues with contact center efficiency, agent performance, risk and compliance, and customer experience. By offering full speech transcription and analysis of 100 percent of customer conversations, Eureka Starter can detect operational inefficiencies, poor agent behaviors, customer dissatisfaction, and the use of risky language and other potential compliance infractions so that they can be quickly addressed before they impact the bottom line.

"There's a substantial market opportunity and need for speech analytics within small call centers or larger organizations who aren't ready to tackle enterprise level analytics," said Scott Kendrick, vice president of marketing at CallMiner, in a statement. "Our true cloud-based speech analytics platform allows us to efficiently and effectively address this opportunity, while providing a simplified user experience and a no-risk pricing and billing model."