CallMiner Advances Conversation Intelligence Platform with Real-Time Analytics

CallMiner, a provider of conversation intelligence, has added functionality in its real-time agent guidance product, RealTime, combining real-time and post-interaction analytics capabilities, advanced machine learning, and generative artificial intelligence.

Key enhancements to CallMiner RealTime work with CallMiner's core platform functions. This includes next-best-action guidance, call flow and script adherence support, and up-sell or cross-sell opportunity identification.

RealTime feature updates and user interface improvements include the following:

  • Live Insights via real-time desktop alert to support agents during customer interactions, such as to issue a warning or provide information.
  • Live Listen, allowing supervisors to listen in on agent conversations and step in and help agents with personalized support. It also offers post-interaction coaching for tailored learning opportunities.
  • Agent Call for Help, allowing agents to proactively ask supervisors for help during customer interactions, such as when a customer makes a request for escalation.

"As more organizations adopt conversation intelligence solutions, it's critical that those offerings deliver post-interaction and real-time analytics capabilities seamlessly. This includes having AI and humans work together. AI components can enable better agent guidance, while human-in-the-loop capabilities support the review and augmentation of AI-generated alerts," said Bruce McMahon, vice president of product management at CallMiner, in a statement.

"That's why CallMiner continues to enhance and invest in our RealTime product. In-the-moment agent guidance is no longer a nice to have; it is a must-have capability that can drive agent retention, uncover critical coaching opportunities, and improve customer satisfaction and experience. This is especially true when combined with CallMiner's robust post-interaction analytics. As one of the first vendors to market with a real-time solution, I'm confident that these new features are going to deliver significant value to CallMiner's customers," McMahon added.