CallFire Launches API for Voice and Text Applications

CallFire, provider of a cloud-based text and voice platform that helps organizations engage their target audiences, has launched an application programming interface (API) for developers looking to maximize applications with voice and text functionality.

Originally launched in 2012 to offer developers an alternative to CallFire's self-serve dashboard, the updated API enables both one-to-one and one-to-many voice and text communication.

New features include the following:

  • Transactional voice and text with high throughput;
  • Advanced applications, including auto replies and one-to-many campaigns;
  • IVR XML code hostin,  fully managed without a need for servers;
  • Shared short codes;
  • No-stack development environment;
  • Time-based dialing functionality;
  • Scheduling calls and texts;
  • Compliance features, including scrubbing and Do Not Contact (DNC) management;
  • The ability to upload unlimited contacts into new campaigns;
  • Answering machine detection;
  • On-demand reporting, with partial response querying; and
  • Support for the Swagger interface

"CallFire originally launched as an intuitive self-serve dashboard for voice and text campaigns, and we quickly recognized that some of the most creative applications of our technology are built within the limitless open-source development environment," said Vijesh Mehta, chief technology officer and co-founder of Call-Fire. "The developer community is a priority for our organization, and we listened to its feedback closely after launching our first open API a couple of years ago. The result is a fast, intuitive API that requires very little startup costs and no hosting resources within a world-class developer experience. We make it easy on developers so they build offerings that enable customers to just set it and forget it."

In addition to extensive new functionality, the new CallFire API addresses current government guidelines for business voice and text communications, ensuring that businesses are compliant with the Do-Not-Call Registry (DNC) when communicating with their customers and other audiences. The API also includes free customer support.