Calabrio ONE WFO Solution Expands Integration with Avaya Platforms

Calabrio, a provider of contact center workforce optimization (WFO) and analytics software, has released an enhanced version of its Calabrio ONE workforce optimization software to help supervisors, managers and agents work smarter. Calabrio is committed to innovation that provides real value to customers. This announcement continues Calabrio's track record--nearly 30 product updates and enhancements since 2014.

New automated processes in Calabrio ONE, such as intraday dynamic scheduling and automatic evaluation queues, are designed to get more done and provide additional value as contact centers continue to grow in size and complexity. Calabrio ONE also has been expanded to increase integration with Avaya platforms, including Avaya IP Office support and Avaya Call Reconciliation.

"Product innovation is the beating heart of Calabrio's development efforts. This latest software release is strong evidence that our 'heart' is as robust as ever," said Calabrio president and CEO Tom Goodmanson, in a statement. "We've added important new features that free contact center managers from mundane tasks, allowing them to focus more of their time on strategic activities. Not only will our new enhancements and features streamline administrative efforts, they will lead to cost-savings through smoother and faster contact center administration."

Calabrio ONE  is a comprehensive suite of contact center workforce optimization software that's easy to implement, use and maintain. Products in the suite include call recording, quality assurance, workforce management, speech analytics, desktop analytics and performance-based dashboards and reporting. Recent enhancements to the suite include Avaya DevConnect Certification and Cisco Certification testing, including greater Cisco integration with Cisco Voice Portal (CVP).

Among the Calabrio ONE new product features, many of which will help contact center leaders and agents to work smarter:

  • Workforce Management, including automated request approvals, intraday dynamic scheduling, and audit trails and reports, which help manage staffing levels with less effort while providing agents with more input into their work schedules and more transparency around changes.
  • Quality Management (QM), including Avaya IP Office Support, Avaya Call Reconciliation and WebM Screen Recording, which reduces dependency on ActiveX while eliminating possible security gaps created by ActiveX. Additional QM upgrades include post-call survey enhancements, flexible evaluation comments and enhanced one-on-one coaching and mentoring.