Calabrio Launches Enterprise Customer Experience Intelligence (CXI)

Calabrio, a customer experience intelligence provider, today launched Enterprise Customer Experience Intelligence (CXI) for voice-of-the-customer business intelligence.

Enterprise CXI offers dashboards that disseminate intelligent, analytics-driven insights from the contact center and focus on metrics that matter most to key functions, beginning with marketing, finance. and the contact center itself.

"Too many businesses are spending valuable time and resources searching for answers that are right in front of them. Calabrio Enterprise CXI are out-of-the-box dashboards designed to amplify voice-of-the-customer insights captured in the contact center and then packaged and shared with other functions that need to hear them," said Matt Matsui, chief product officer of Calabrio, in a statement. "Now more than ever, data from the contact center can provide the actionable insights to keep an organization one step ahead."

Enterprise CXI is included with Calabrio Advanced Reporting. Built-in dashboards package Calabrio customer experience data for functions across an entire organization. Initial dashboards released so far help marketing teams understand areas like brand awareness, competitor influence and campaign effectiveness. Finance departments benefit from insights into billing issues, refunds and credits. Contact center dashboards highlight customer effort, opportunities for process improvements, and more.

"Organizations win in the age of the customer by putting client needs at the heart of every decision," said Katie Martell, a customer experience industry evangelist, in a statement. "By connecting voice-of-the-customer insights, these new capabilities from Calabrio promise to help teams close the gap between the contact center and the rest of the business. From marketing to product, all teams are more relevant and effective when guided by the unfiltered voice and needs of the customer."