COPC Releases Version 6.2 of the Customer Experience Standard

COPC, a consulting, certification, and training firm that helps companies transform the customer experience, has rolled out Release 6.2 of the COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard, its comprehensive performance management system that provides guidelines and best practices for managing and improving customer experience operations.

First developed in 1996, the COPC CX Standard has been used by thousands of companies throughout the world. It has continued to evolve to include emerging channels, such as mobile, social media, and digital-assisted solutions.

New in Release 6.2 of the COPC CX Standard are the following:

  • Service Journeys to Process Design and Process Control requirements to ensure that an end-to-end view is taken;
  • Refocusing the gathering of customer information to ensure that it generates insights into Service Journeys; and
  • Enhanced Content Management to incorporate more best practices.

"We are excited about what these latest enhancements to the COPC CX Standard will mean for the industry," said Kyle Kennedy, chief operations officer at COPC, in a statement. "These changes will undoubtedly result in a closer examination of the service journey, inevitably resulting in an improved end-to-end journey for customers."

Release 6.2 of the COPC CX Standard includes updated versions for both the Customer Service Providers and Outsource Service Providers editions, as well as updated guides. An updated version of the COPC CX Standard for Vendor Management Organizations is due out later this year, along with translated versions of the various editions.