COPC Launches RevealCX

COPC, a customer experience consulting firm, today launched RevealCX, a cloud-basedquality monitoring and business intelligence solution.

COPC created RevealCX based on its experience in developing and implementing quality management programs for call centers and CX operations globally. The solution was designed to uncover all issues affecting the customer experience.

"Through our consulting work to develop quality management programs, we have seen many different quality monitoring software programs. We have found it virtually impossible to uncover the level of detailed data needed to identify underlying issues impacting the customer experience. That's why we created RevealCX. Our solution shows exactly what an organization needs to focus on to improve performance. By using RevealCX, a company can transform quality monitoring from a cost function into something much more powerful and beneficial to overall business success," said Kathleen Jezierski, chief operating officer at COPC, in a statement.

Key features and benefits of RevealCX include the following:

  • Aligns quality results with the customer experience;
  • Captures detailed root cause of errors at both the agent- and process-level;
  • Delivers real-time actionable data to all levels of management;
  • Measures three metrics instead of one for a more accurate view of customer, business, and compliance performance; and
  • Collects valuable business intelligence.

In addition to quality monitoring, RevealCX can be used proactively to gather specific information from customers, such as reactions to new products or corporate policy changes.