COPC Launches Customer Service Journey Consulting Program

COPC, a customer experience consulting firm, has launched a consulting program to help companies manage the customer service journey and address performance issues with their customer care operations.

COPC service journey consulting targets customer care interactions generated by customer issues or requests. It looks at the horizontal integration of support channels, with special attention to transitions between channels once a customer has actively engaged with a company. It also helps companies understand all potential starting points for issue resolution, anticipate next steps, minimize complexity, diagnose and resolve adjacent issues, develop proactive resolutions, identify viable self-service options, and reduce unnecessary steps and hand-offs.

COPC service journey consulting includes the following:

  • Service Journey Blueprinting to help map out key service journey scenarios to understand how each touchpoint is supported internally, learn how backstage activities link to frontstage actions, and understand how all the touchpoints join together to form the service journey.
  • Frontstage Transformation to help assess critical customer-facing components, including website, mobile applications, contact center, chatbot, webchat, and in-person interactions.
  • Backstage Transformation to help assess supporting functions, technologies, processes, and policies, such as fulfilment, application processing, field service, authorizations, issue escalation, and third-party validations.
  • Service Journey Strategy Consulting to help develop operational improvements for customer care channels regarding organizational activities and functions, such as routing, staffing, content and data management, technologies, metric design and collection, and measurement.

COPC customer service journey consulting is based on Service Journey Thinking, COPC's exclusive approach to issue resolution. This model looks at the journey itself rather than focusing on the issue, a single channel, or even an individual customer.

"Customer care operations have the most control, influence, and ability to positively impact the overall customer experience. Our goal is to help companies successfully meet their customer in whatever channel they arrive and quickly and easily resolve their issue. If you can do that, you have not only increased customer satisfaction but have built brand loyalty that can turn into repeat business, positive word of mouth, and a reservoir of positive feelings that help insulate you from the next issue. Our consulting program moves issue resolution from being accidentally successful to creating purposeful service journeys that are well designed and effective," said Cliff Moore, chairman of COPC, in a statement.