Partners with SpeechLogix, a provider of conversational commerce solutions, is partnering with SpeechLogix, a provider of automated voice technology. Together, the companies will leverage SpeechLogix's advanced contact center solution and's omnichannel business messaging API.

The integration of's API into SpeechLogix's contact center solution has expanded its range of services, including WhatsApp, Apple business messaging, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook messenger, and VoIP. This allows customers to connect with agents across all channels.

SpeechLogix Smart Agent Routing, supported by's omnichannel communication technology, ensures customers are directed to the same agent, regardless of the channel they use.

"We are excited about our partnership with," said Haitham El-Hanafi, head of sales at SpeechLogix, in a statement. "'s Business Messaging API has added the omnichannel capabilities to XLogix Platform, and we are confident that this collaboration will result in even more success for our customers."

"We are excited to join forces with SpeechLogix; the integration of both solutions will enable businesses to engage with their customers more personally and intelligently, which will drive better results and increased customer loyalty," said Alessandro Melotti, partnership manager of North America, in a statement.