Bullhorn Unveils Customer Relationship Health Platform

Bullhorn, a cloud-based CRM provider, has released Pulse, a solution that enables instant insight into the health of a relationship with customers or contacts. Built with Bullhorn’s patented email tracking system at its core, Pulse automatically mines email communications, analyzes them in real-time, and provides valuable, digestible intelligence at a glance – from the overall strength of an organizational relationship, to details on who has the longest history with a customer, or who is most deeply engaged.

As expectations rise for innovative and easy to use customer relationship technology, and requirements persist for proven and stable platforms, Bullhorn offers both. Bullhorn is the first enterprise-class CRM provider to offer data analytics and intelligence native in its modern, mobile-first offering. Pulse can complement any Salesforce automation tool such as those from Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics or Siebel, and some customers use Bullhorn alongside traditional offerings for its automatic data capture and customer insights. However, many have completely replaced legacy systems.

Pulse further strengthens Bullhorn’s focus on relationships and user enablement. It can provide cross-department visibility into who knows who, who has the longest-lasting, relationships, who has the highest-quality relationships, or who engages most deeply with a contact or organization. It provides visibility into key interactions between customers and key contacts from across an entire organization. These insights enable businesses to perform better and think differently, in ways that foster stronger connections with customers or contacts. For example, Pulse can allow territories to be divided based on the quality of relationships versus arbitrary geographic lines.

Bullhorn ensures that communication with customers and contacts is automatically updated and always current, obviating the need for manual updates and providing the cornerstone of a relationship management tool that employees actually want to use. It fits into an individual or company’s existing workflows, instead of forcing them to adapt, and allows users to work as they always have within their email inbox. Bullhorn’s patented passive email tracking system and server-side integration with Outlook, Office 365, and Gmail enables this flexibility by automatically capturing email, notes, and tasks with no required end user actions. In addition, integrations with social platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter provide users with valuable insights that relate to contacts, accounts, leads, and more.

Workers looking to access the latest information from personal interactions – or from those of their colleagues and team members – can do so wherever and whenever they want. Bullhorn is built for anywhere, anytime access on any device, regardless of operating system or screen size. It offers the features of a fast-moving innovative company and the stability of an established, enterprise player.

Bullhorn’s platform currently supports over 1,500 API integrations, processes one billion transactions per week, sustains 99.993 percent uptime, can search 100 million records in less than half a second, and supports massive scale. The platform is extremely extensible with the ability to add custom fields, lists, triggers, menus, tabs, permissions, workflows, saved searches, and more, or customers can use REST APIs to build their own custom apps. In addition to Pulse, Bullhorn offers a wide range of features on top of the platform in the areas of relationship management, sales force automation, and marketing automation. As a cloud-based Software as a Service (SAAS) solution, Bullhorn efficiently and continually delivers new functionality and updates to its clients as they become available.

“There’s a significant shift underway of companies realizing that traditional cloud-based CRM systems are difficult to use and only designed for management and reporting,” said Art Papas, founder and CEO, Bullhorn, in a statement. “In today’s world, users want a system that automatically tells them where their strongest relationships are and where opportunities lie, not systems that require heavy data input. Pulse solves these problems by providing the information that matters to nurture and expand relationships, thanks to Bullhorn’s unique mobile-first offering and automatic data capture.”