Broadvoice Releases Monitor, Whisper, Barge Contact Center Solution

Broadvoice, a national hosted voice and communications company, has launched a suite of new features for its Cloud PBX-hosted phone service for businesses. The new enhancements include monitor, whisper, barge features for call center deployments. These features are commonly used by businesses that want to help their representatives give better customer service by listening in on calls and actively offering their advice.

There are three elements that make this enhancement extremely useful to businesses. Monitor allows a supervisor to silently listen in on an agent’s active call. Whisper enables a supervisor to speak directly to the agent on the active call without the other party hearing the comments. Barge lets the supervisor speak to both the agent and the other party. This effectively creates a three-way call which is initiated by the supervisor.

“Our nimble nature allows Broadvoice to quickly meet the changing needs of our customers,” said Shawn Jones, vice president of business sales, in a statement. “We listen to our clients and keep our finger on the pulse of what is happening in our industry. Then our development team and engineers work diligently to roll the features out, tested and ready to go. But most importantly, we continue to develop cutting edge technology while maintaining competitive pricing.”