BrightPattern Desktop Tool Lets Agents Self-Monitor Performance

BrightPattern, a provider of cloud contact center and customer experience management solutions, has launched an agent metrics dashboard feature that displays personal performance metrics to agents in real-time.  

The dashboard is displayed as an animated slide show on top of the BrightPattern ServicePattern agent desktop and can be seen through the user interface at any time during the agent’s standard transactions; including e-mail, chats, video or voice calls. The dashboard shows a set of service metrics for each of the services assigned to the agent’s team, along with the agent’s personal performance statistics.  

Supervisors can configure a separate display per team, using a list of pre-defined real-time metrics, or counts of specific dispositions for selected services. They can also exclude other services, for example, those related to overflow calls, just to focus on core goals.  

“The capability for agents to see their up-to-the-minute performance indicators, combined with an incentive-based compensation plan is a great productivity booster,” said Konstantin Kishinsky, CEO, Bright Pattern, in a statement. “The competition factor, introduced by our ranking display, takes the performance even further by providing instant feedback and further empowering users.”