Bright Pattern Partners with VION Consulting

Bright Pattern, a provider of enterprise contact center software, is partnering with VION Consulting, a provider of communication and customer experience management solutions, to make its contact center software available to VION customers.

VION Consulting's areas of expertise include artificial intelligence, contact centers, speech analytics, business application integration, and emerging channel services.

"VION Consulting helps businesses grow by innovating their customer experience at an optimized cost," said Somik Bhattcharya, head of marketing at VION Consulting, in a statement. "Bright Pattern enables us to provide a cloud-based contact center to companies of all sizes irrespective of geography and existing infrastructure."

"We are thrilled to be partnering with VION Consulting to help them redefine customer communications and support," said Brian Hays, senior vice president of global sales at Bright Pattern, in a statement. "VION Consulting has solutions designed to meet every vertical with world-class training facilities, proven delivery processes, and the right tools and technology to provide meaningful results. By utilizing the Bright Pattern platform, VION Consulting will be able to take customer experience to the next level and digitally revolutionize customer communications."