Bright Pattern Launches Mobile Agent Desktop App

Bright Pattern, a provider of cloud-based communication software, today released Mobile Agent Desktop App, allowing multiple subject matter experts to participate in customer conversations through mobile channels while having access to the full activity history.

Through the Bright Pattern Mobile Agent Desktop Application, agents and business employees can log-in and interact with customers through the app using the company's number. Interaction information is synced through the Bright Pattern Contact Center platform, and all activity history and notes taken during customer interactions can be accessed later on the agents' computer through the Bright Pattern Agent Desktop. Quality assurance metrics like customer satisfaction and sentiment are also collected and synced for contact center supervisors, allowing them to monitor interactions for agents using the Mobile Agent Desktop Application.

Bright Pattern's Mobile Agent Desktop Application offers the following features:

  • Ability to handle voice, SMS, chat, and Messengers;
  • Ability to make calls or send SMS from company number while using a mobile device;
  • Company-wide communication on the app through the Bright Pattern platform, allowing all employees, including those outside the contact center, to communicate with customers and each other;
  • Ability to take notes during customer interactions;
  • Access to journey history on the mobile app;
  • Ability to see user presence within the organization; and
  • Data synchronization, like activity history and notes taken during an interaction, in the Bright Pattern Platform for both supervisors and agents to access later.

"Bright Pattern continues to develop new features as part of our commitment to improving the business and contact center flexibility. Interest in the remote workforce and the adoption of mobile, digital channels continues to surge in the contact center industry," said Michael McCloskey, CEO of Bright Pattern, in a statement. "Our Mobile Agent Desktop App allows all employees of a business, not just contact center agents, to join in the customer journey through mobile channels and helps promote knowledge sharing and teamwork within the business culture."