Bright Pattern Integrates with Google for Text-to-Speech

Bright Pattern has integrated its contact center software with Google Cloud Text-to-Speech functionality. Powered by Google Cloud Machine Learning, the integration applies deep learning neural network algorithms to produce text-to-speech in a variety of languages for interactive voice response (IVR) and related systems.

Google Cloud Text-to-Speech includes exclusive access to DeepMind WaveNet, a deep neural network to generate Google Assistant voices in different languages. This access allows users to select from more than 30 languages and a variety of voices and pitches to synthesize natural-sounding speech.

"Our integration with Google's text-to-speech functionality is a building block for conversational AI-driven IVRs," said Konstantin Kishinsky, chief technology officer and founder of Bright Pattern, in a statement. "The advancements made by Google and other text-to-speech providers will create large efficiencies in the contact center space as enterprises begin to use the technology to improve self-service IVR."