Bright Pattern Deepens Microsoft Integrations

Bright Pattern, a provider of cloud communication software, has integrated with Microsoft Teams<, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Microsoft Azure.

Bright Pattern's Microsoft Teams integration enables agents to communicate with colleagues in the same desktop window as the customer, meaning agents don't need to stop the customer conversation to communicate with their colleagues. Agents can see if colleagues are online, away, busy, or offline and bring them into contact center conversations immediately; invite subject matter experts to join phone calls for transfers and conference calls; see Microsoft Teams directories and group memberships; start chats with agents; move conversations from Microsoft Teams to any channel, like voice, chat, text, SMS, messengers; and use their Microsoft Teams extensions as softphones.

Through the integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365, agents can handle interactions on any channel, like voice, email, chat, IVRs, SMS, messaging apps, text, video chat, and chat bots, access data from Microsoft Dynamics; personalize customer interactions by dividing calls based on segment, prioritizing certain calls, and routing customers to the right agent; create and send customized post-interaction survey forms, and upload interaction details to Microsoft Dynamics with transcripts and recordings.

The integration with Microsoft Azure brings voice biometrics and AI and bot frameworks to the contact center. Bright Pattern uses Azure speaker recognition to identify callers by voice for authentication and advanced routing, leverages Microsoft AI so customers can speak naturally with IVRs, and uses Microsoft AI to provide agents with suggested responses to customers interacting over channels such as chat, SMS, voice, email, or messengers. Customers can also interact with bots and be seamlessly transferred to agents when needed.

"Bright Pattern has been committed to delivering the most advanced integration for Microsoft-powered contact centers. Our most recent product update brings the power of Microsoft Dynamics, Azure AI and bots, and Microsoft Teams to improve the customer and agent experience," said Konstantin Kishinsky, Bright Pattern's chief technology officer, in a statement. "Our latest integrations make us pioneers in fully leveraging the power of all innovative Microsoft solutions for contact centers."