Bright Pattern Adds Microsoft Azure Portability

Bright Pattern has deployed its omnichannel contact center software in Microsoft Azure, giving its customers access to Azure's unique features while increasing its own multicloud portability.

Bright Pattern customers may request to have their accounts activated on a cluster running in part on Azure in addition to any combination of Amazon Web Services (AWS), bare-hardware in Bright Pattern data centers, or in their private clouds.

"The deployment in Microsoft Azure is an additional proving point in our top-to-bottom multicloud portability strategy," said Konstantin Kishinsky, chief technology officer and founder of Bright Pattern, in a statement. "We are uniquely positioned to offer our customers freedom of choice on all levels, from telecom providers and infrastructure to cloud vendors and services. We enable customers to bring their own telco, choose ours, or use any combination. Now, customers can build their own infrastructure on Azure as well as bare hardware, a private cloud, or Amazon AWS, in any combination. What's more, customers are welcome to use our public cloud service or host the same exact software in their environment, including our active-active disaster containment configurations."