Blueworx Releases Voice Response 7 for AIX

Blueworx, a customer experience platform provider, has released Blueworx Voice Response 7 for AIX. The new release is an extension of the WebSphere Voice Response for AIX 6.1.

"Since the transformation of IBM WebSphere Voice Response to Blueworx in February, our team of technical and support engineers have been engaged in an aggressive effort to augment and improve existing products," said John Marino, CEO of Blueworx, in a statement. "Blueworx Voice Response 7 for AIX is a direct result of the talent and expertise found in our ranks who intimately know this product and its customers."

Blueworx Voice Response 7 for AIX provides a number of enhancements, including the following:

  • Runs on both IBM AIX 7.1 and 7.2;
  • Support for DB2 10.5 and Java 8;
  • Connects to any VoIP/SIP trunk, switch, gateway, voice network or provider;
  • Automatic SIP channel configuration;
  • A 25 percent increase in call capacity for customers currently using T1 lines, allowing up to 480 concurrent calls on a single instance;
  • Complete backwards compatibility; and
  • Full support for the open VXML standard, allowing easy migration from any other IVR platform.
  • Migration assistant to BVR 7 from earlier releases of WVR.

In addition, in April, Blueworx released Blueworx Voice Response 7 for Linux, a sister product to Blueworx Voice Response 7 for AIX.

Blueworx is a massively scalable solution to deliver interactive voice response (IVR), call routing, unified messaging, voicemail, SMS applications, and more.