BlueConic Debuts Actionable Journey Insights Solution

BlueConic, a provider of user-driven marketing in the cloud, today announced Actionable Journey Insights. The solution addresses the challenges brands face with today’s empowered consumer, making it easier for marketers to not only classify new segments of users, but also capture and act on real-time insights for each user’s cross-channel journey.

BlueConic connects disparate data silos so marketers have all their user data in a single place, creating a comprehensive profile on each individual user and creating customized, highly-relevant interactions that can be delivered in real time. It is improving the way marketers work by providing a foundation for marketers to address today’s channel-hopping, empowered consumer and deliver improved outcomes. Among the additions in Actionable Journey Insights is a segment discovery capability that enables marketers to more intelligently organize individual users to discover new and valuable segments. With this insight, marketers can then, for example, identify the qualities of those abandoning their online shopping carts and improve the experience for this specific segment.

Consumers are engaging with more channels than ever on their path to conversion and they are looking for a personalized experience throughout this journey, putting tremendous pressure on marketers. In fact, research from Aberdeen Group found that the impact of empowered consumers is the top pressure challenging 54 percent of businesses and as such, it is imperative businesses become laser-focused on keeping track of and understanding the needs of their customers.

“While the empowered customer trend poses challenges for businesses, best-in-class companies capture and utilize customer information to their advantage,” said Omer Minkara, research director of the contact center and customer experience management practice at Aberdeen Group, in a statement. “Armed with information, businesses can reach the right customer at the right time on the right channel—and all within the right phases of the buying journey. This approach differentiates top performing businesses and allows them the ultimate benefit of unearthing a greater share of the customer’s mindshare and wallet share. Technology tools such as customer engagement solutions are pivotal to deliver on this.”

Additional new capabilities provide insight into the performance of those segments against designed interactions and dialogues. Marketers can easily identify success or failure against their KPIs and quickly manipulate dialogues in real-time to improve the outcome. This is done through advanced visual representations of the customer journey—connecting data from myriad, disparate channels in a single dashboard. For cart abandonment, the marketer will be able to use these visualization capabilities to see that a particular message, such as offering free shipping, is not yielding meaningful response and will be able to adjust the offer to make it more relevant, deploy an email service provider to serve that offer and ultimately improve recovery to meet their KPIs.