BillingTree Integrates with TCN

Payment solutions provider BillingTree today announced an integration with TCN, a provider of cloud contact center technology. The two-way partnership provides BillingTree customers with access to new dialing and calling services and TCN customers with access to the BillingTree merchant services and Payrazr platform.

BillingTree's integration to TCN's interactive voice response and TCN cloud contact center platform provides TCN users with access to BillingTree's IVR payment gateway to collect and receive payments. Additionally, through TCN's omnichannel texting feature, AgentSMS, contact center agents can send customers payment reminders and direct links to facilitate payments, connecting them directly with BillingTree Payrazr mobile payment solutions.

"We are proud to partner with leading technology and payment processing providers, such as BillingTree, to offer our customers convenient and seamless ways to process payments across any channel," said Terrel Bird, co-founder and CEO of TCN, in a statement. "This partnership is just another example of how TCN strives to help companies become and remain personalized, perceptive, proactive, and progressive to better engage with our customer base."

"Flexible and on-demand, consumer-enabled communications with payment acceptance is strategically significant to the success of client engagement and revenue management activities. This partnership comes at a time when interest in voice-enabled experiences, such as Alexa, Siri, and Cortana, are at an all-time high," said Russ Palay, director of product at BillingTree, in a statement. "Given the complementary technology of TCN and BillingTree, this integration makes perfect sense, helping call center organizations and contact center agents save time and better serve their customers."