BenchmarkPortal Joins NICE Incontact DEVone Developer Program

BenchmarkPortal has joined the NICE inContact DEVone developer program and now offers its automated benchmarking products on CXexchange marketplace, an ecosystem of products designed to integrate with the NICE inContact CXone cloud customer experience platform.>

BenchmarkPortal's iBenchmark offering provides automated benchmarking that augments CXone reporting capabilities with regular updates of key performance metrics for measuring operational progress and competitive position.

NICE inContact customers will benefit from the iBenchmark automated benchmarking by enabling managers to do the following:

  • Automatically see their competitive position on key performance metrics;
  • Map negative metrics to specific people, processes, and technology issues with assistance from iBenchmark experts;
  • Develop improvement programs; and
  • Leverage iBenchmark experts to help track progress and compute savings, improvements in revenue, and ROI.

"We are very excited for this partnership with NICE inContact and being part of CXexchange," said Bruce Belfiore, BenchmarkPortal's CEO, in a statement. "Our technology helps customers obtain vital benchmarking data, and, by including seasoned professionals as part of the offering, we provide a level of service and business intelligence found nowhere else. iBenchmark relies on our patented technology, and is now integrated with CXone."

NICE inContact CXone combines omnichannel routing, workforce optimization, analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence on an open cloud foundation. DEVone offers partners tools and resources to create new applications on CXone, including more than 250 available APIs, extensive documentation and support, and access to an online developer community.

"CXone is an open technology platform allowing companies like BenchmarkPortal to provide innovations to all of inContact's end users. Having products readily integrate with CXone, like iBenchmark, provides value-added services to help contact center operations improve competitive positions. We welcome Benchmark Portal as part of the CXexchange marketplace," said Paul Jarman, CEO of inContact, in a statement.

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The certification is awarded after a selective process and is only given to call centers that rank among the top 10 percent of companies that BenchmarkPortal—a research firm offering benchmarking, certification, training and consulting tools—evaluates.

Posted December 28, 2018