Behavox Adds Chinese to Behavox Voice

Behavox, an analytics software company, has built voice biometrics and new Chinese language capabilities, with an initial focus on Mandarin and Cantonese, into its Behavox Voice application. In addition to voice biometrics, new capabilities include Chinese speech transcription, keyword spotting, and distinct language identification from audio.

Behavox Voice launched in 2018 and offers a suite of proprietary capabilities to process and analyze voice recordings. In March, Behavox announced new Spanish voice capabilities.

"With nearly 1.2 billion Chinese language speakers worldwide, equating to 16 percent of the world's population, we knew that Mandarin and Cantonese had to be the next languages launched within Behavox Voice," said Erkin Adylov, founder and CEO of Behavox, in a statement. "As a global artificial intelligence firm, it is imperative that we develop these languages for our client base, especially with a great deal of clients concentrated across Asia. What's more, new voice biometrics capabilities allow clients to identify speakers, even in noisy environments, with as little as five minutes of speech."

Behavox voice biometrics can transcribe voice interactions with an accuracy of greater than 94 percent. The voice biometrics platform can identify speakers based on their vocal footprints. Advanced machine learning models analyze unique features present in the pitch and tone of the human voice to identify individuals in phone recordings.

A novel feature of the new Chinese language capabilities within Behavox Voice is the model's ability to recognize characters instead of words.

Behavox is currently working to develop additional language functions, such as Japanese.