Balto Launches Real-Time Coaching and Real-Time QA

Balto today launched Real-Time Coaching and Real-Time QA for contact centers.

"When we launched Real-Time Guidance in 2017, we wanted to make conversations better as they're happening, not after they were over," said Balto CEO Marc Bernstein in a statement. "We set out to change the game for contact centers by scaling excellent conversations at the push of a button. Now, we're coming for contact center coaching and [quality assurance]."

With Real-Time QA, users receive the following:

  • Complete visibility into 100 percent of calls with unlimited scorecards;
  • Real-time data that shows how the call floor is doing at the moment; and
  • Scores that instantly populate when calls end.

Real-Time Coaching tells managers which calls to join, based on their own criteria. They can then instantly join live calls with the push of a button. While listening, managers can use chat to guide agents or commend a job well done. An Activity Log tracks the amount of triggered alerts, and where managers responded. Users can also generate reports showing agent performance and triggers over time.

"It's time for a change. No more post-call coaching and QA," Bernstein said. "These tools take real-time guidance beyond the agent level. Now, organizations can unilaterally move forward in real time across different departments."