Badgeville’s Gamification Added to Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud

Badgeville, a gamification solutions provider, has launched Badgeville for Salesforce, a product designed to help customers align Salesforce usage with business objectives. Badgeville's next-generation product adds game, reputation and social mechanics to Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. Badgeville for Salesforce can be easily deployed as an add-on by any Salesforce customer and comes pre-packaged with Badgeville's game design expertise.

Because businesses can easily deploy and reward desired actions to significantly boost customer satisfaction and drive sales results, Badgeville for Salesforce can motivate users to improve process adherence and data quality.

Badgeville for Salesforce features:

  • Native Salesforce support: Works with any Salesforce Sales Cloud or Service Cloud deployment, regardless of customizations.
  • Game design and analytics expertise: Comes packaged with the services of Badgeville game design experts and data scientists.
  • Quick setup: Can be set up and configured by Salesforce Admins.
  • In-depth customizations: Offers the ability to define points, levels:
  • badges, tracks and missions with custom branding and visuals;
  • User Insights: Includes analytics with granular views of user activity by specific action and timeframe.

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