Badgeville Updates Gamification Platform, Includes Beta Version of Analytics Solution

Gamification provider Badgeville has rolled out the sixth generation of its cloud-based platform, which proves greater social depth, deeper insights and faster deployment for gamified enterprise applications. Badgeville also announced a beta version of its customizable analytics solution providing deeper real-time insights into user behavior and engagement.

The new set of features in the Badgeville Enterprise Platform 6.0 includes:

  • Customizable Notifications and Activity Streams: Dynamic activity streams will now be available, allowing users to customize streams using a number of variables, such as activities, rewards, contents, missions and more. Contextual activity streams lets users surface rewards and behaviors at a granular level, anywhere within their Badgeville application.
  • Analytics Beta : The 6.0 release also includes a beta version of the new Badgeville Analytics, a powerful analytics solution that provides insight into user behavior and engagement. The new Analytics solution provides customers with highly customizable dashboards and leverages the best of big data and machine learning to truly understand engagement activities.
  • User Data Onboarding: This large release also introduces easy profile and activity onboarding, allowing for the seamless transition between any existing loyalty programs or reputational systems to a new gamification deployment.

"We've upgraded our platform to offer a more customized experience for our users," said Roel Stalman, vice president of product development, in a statement. "We can now provide even deeper insight into customer behavior. Our customers will use these updated solutions to better drive engagement across their loyalty and reputational systems."