Backbase Customer Experience Platform Now Features Social Capabilities

Backbase, a cutomer experience platform (CXP) provider has added social technology to the company's flagship product.

The platform can now help enterprises to expand their omnichannel strategy by allowing them to merge their social channels seamlessly into the Backbase CXP and can be managed alongside the digital desktop and mobile channels as well as offline touchpoints already supported by Backbase.

The solution immediately distributes all portals, content, and campaigns created with Backbase across multiple social platforms at the click of a button. Additionally, end-customers will be able to use social login to authenticate their identities. According to the company, social login boosts registration rates by up to 90 percent. Businesses can directly access to first-party customer data with which they can create a completely personalized customer experience.

Backbase has also included social targeting capabilities: businesses that offer social login will be granted permission to access personal data by customers who opt-in to the feature. This detailed profile information, including interests, demographics, education, social connections, work history and more, can be gathered and be stored in the customer profile and used to create highly personalized campaigns with Backbase's digital marketing tools.

Businesses teams will also be able to create mobile and omnichannel- ready apps as well as create and manage any social applications, such a as Facebook apps. Creating and deploying an app on Facebook provides an opportunity to connect with customers in a sphere where they are highly receptive, and freely sharing information that can help organizations create the most compelling digital experience possible. Apps built with the Backbase portal can integrate with and use many aspects of Facebook, including the news feed and notifications features. Digital marketing teams can now maintain total control over the app's 'canvas page', allowing them to optimize experiences without IT support. 

"Today's enterprises need to interact with their customers, partners, and employees through compelling, seamless experiences across several channels," said Jouk Pleiter, CEO and co-founder of Backbase, in a statement. "With the new social capabilities that we deliver through the Backbase Customer Experience Platform we have made another great step forward in our vision of managing the entire omnichannel customer experience, from regular computers, to tablets and smartphones and now also social media channels."