Avtex and Daon Partner on Contact Center Security

Daon, a provider of biometric identity technology, is partnering with Avtex, a customer experience-focused consulting and technology company. As a provider of the CX platforms from Genesys and a Microsoft Inner Circle Partner for Dynamics CRM and Power BI, Avtex will deliver CX solutions that are fully integrated with customer biometric authentication at unprecedented scale.

Avtex has built an integrated product suite for self-service interactive voice response (IVR) and contact center biometric authentication using Daon's IdentityX platform. Avtex sees Daon's use of facial, voice, and fingerprint authentication on the mobile device as the optimal mix of security and convenience for securing account access.

"Avtex understands that a secure contact center experience must also be a terrific user experience or it will fall flat and be unsuccessful," said Tom Grissen, CEO of Daon, in a statement. "Daon is proud to be partnering with Avtex so that IdentityX can be used on the powerful Avtex SmartApps platform. This will help to ensure that those reaching out to contact centers not only have peace of mind that their data is protected, but that the experience itself will be friction-free."

"Avtex has hundreds of global clients in sectors such as financial services, healthcare, utilities, government, and telecommunications, where securing customer access to privileged account information is paramount. We are seeing their contact centers and IVRs spend too much time and effort interrogating good customers, just to prevent a small percentage of fraudulent callers from gaining unauthorized access," said Brian Holdampf, chief business officer at Avtex, in a statement. "We have experienced strong adoption of our Smart Track fraud prevention platform, and our integration with the Daon IdentityX platform will strengthen our security posture while making customer authentication more convenient and reducing call handle times. Ultimately, this is about delighting customers with an outstanding experience that also happens to be extremely secure."