Avangate Debuts Customer Centric Commerce Solution

Customer commerce software provider Avangate has released SkyCommerce Summer '13 as part of its Customer Centric Commerce solution.  

The newest version of the SkyCommerce Suite enables software companies to address the disruption of traditional business and sales models as customers dictate their preferred channels and purchasing methods.

“The reality is, software and cloud services companies are increasingly responsible for delivering value to individuals not just through product, but through the commerce process as well and [they need to be] specific, convenient, and in-context,” said Michael Ni, chief marketing officer and senior vice president, Avangate, in a statement.

The Summer '13 release enables vendors to:

  • Transact at every touch point via optimized online selling channels; mobile; direct sales and service points; channel-enabled sales and service portals; and API integration.
  • Optimize new business models on the fly with a flexible product catalog; multi-revenue model billing automation and management; self-service setup, testing and reporting tools.
  • Reach new global markets with localization best-practices, localized payments and taxation services, as well as distribution networks to drive sales to international, and micro-vertical markets.